I have always been a very creative person even from a very young age. I discovered lighting design as an outlet for that creativity that I choose to delve into and study. This has allowed me an avenue to explore other forms of design through different mediums such as projections and digital media. My fascination and passion for live theatre as both an art and trade has enabled me to hone my skills and grow as an artist.

When I take on a show, I always begin with the script — listening intently to the words of the playwright in order to gauge their intentions for the presentation of their work. Then I speak with the director to develop a clear idea of their vision for the show and how that will blend with my ideas. Theatre is inherently collaborative, and it is in this process of sharing ideas that enables the creation of a cohesive and unique piece of art.

As a designer, I attempt to breathe an original identity into each piece that I work on. This not only allows the show to be interesting but also consistent. Developing a visual theme or motif is one of the most enjoyable and creatively rewarding parts of being a designer — especially in conjunction with other creative minds and their work. An audience may only acknowledge this work subconsciously, but will they be moved in more ways than they know. This is what I strive to achieve with every production I am fortunate enough to be a part of. 

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